University of Mississippi Policies

The University of Mississippi Policy Directory is a central location for accessing and posting University-wide policies. The site also provides procedures and tools for the creation, revision, and periodic review of University policies. The Policy on Policy Management describes these processes.

Policies changed in last 21 days:

ADM.LD.100.010 Grove Litter and Use
ADM.LD.300.010 Tree Dedications
RSP.RI.301.014 Conflict of Interest and IRB Review
RSP.RA.200.001 Definition of a Principal Investigator
RSP.RI.301.010 Full Board Review Criteria for IRB
RSP.RI.301.017 Student PIs in Human Subjects Research
ACA.IT.400.010 Privacy in the Electronic Environment
ADM.LD.400.010 Bollard Procedure
ACA.EO.100.010 Sexual Harassment
ACA.IT.100.090 UM Mobile App

Policy Development

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